Saturday, June 4, 2011

Keyboard Test

I entered the keyboard test almost a month ago I think but it was a great experience (no it really wasn't)

I had been in the second group of fourth graders which brought more pressure to me so I was pumped. Finally when the first group was done they called in the 2nd group. We went down a long dreary hall (no actually I said that for special effects it was actually really short and lots of lights.)

Finally we got there we sat at a computer I choose the edge so that I only had to listen to only one person type. But boy did I choose the wrong seat I could've choosen any seat (probobaly like 30 seats) and I had to choose that one the guy next to it was so loud I could barely concentrate. Boy did that make me mad. Next there was something wrong with the software so I had to go really slow to win. So I went like this fast.


LIke seriously and then it said too many errors which got me really mad because I counted the mistakes and there were zero mistakes. So I was really mad and the only reason why I didn't do well was because of the computer (My mom and dad say that you blame it on yourself) but it was all the computer's fault. And again please live long and prosper.


I've been a little slow blogging lately like 2 years slow and I'm almost positive that nobody will read this because of my site meter yes that is right I have a site meter. Take that people of earth but nothing much has been going on we got a lot of plants/ flowers and that is always exciting right.

The weather is great must be in the 90s right now with some clouds so I'm not sure why I'm here inside. So to sum it all up I'm bored so I'm here. I just thought of something that went on. I entered the typing bee competition thingy but that is a different story. But still live long and prosper people-that-don't-look-at-my-blog.